About Us

Our mission is to advance the rights of children through legal advocacy, policy and practice transformation, and restorative justice.

We believe that every kid can thrive if they have access to the right supports and services; are connected to the right people, places, and opportunities for their development; and when they are treated equitably.

We make sure kids have what they need to stay on track.

What we do

Legal Representation:  We provide wrap around civil legal representation to kids involved with the juvenile justice system. We make sure they have access to what they need in school and in the community.

Juvenile Justice Reform:  We advocate for developmentally and trauma informed policies and practices from arrest through detention. We partner with the community to develop alternatives to arrest, detention, and incarceration. We hold our community and children-serving systems of care accountable.

Restorative Justice:  CCR facilitates restorative justice practices to power community-resolved conflict and a community-wide commitment to unconditional belonging for every member of our city.