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Rev. Sakda Asnee (Resident Minister)

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We are a legal resource center.

We are there for children and young people when they have a legal problem. We give information, advice, and may be able to provide an attorney.

We provide wrap around legal services:

Youth centered:  We listen to the child or young person. We know that children and young people need trust and respect to share their views and challenges.

Strengths based:  We focus on the things each child and young person is good at and the potential they have to grow that strength and build new ones.

Trauma Responsive: We know children and young people have experienced trauma, and we have to respond at all levels in our community and legal system to nurture resilience.

Team building:  We provide legal services with an integrated multidisciplinary team to support the whole child and their rights in all areas of their life.

Our region's most important resource is the potential of our children. When we stand up for the well-being of our children and young people, we stand for our investment in their ability to contribute to our community today.

We believe in the importance of intentional and integrated legal advocacy.

We believe that effective children's advocacy requires us to recognize patterns impacting kids and to implement collaborative solutions. We design targeted legal advocacy projects so that we can help each kid who needs us but also support that community system to get back on track for kids' well-being.

For our community to become all we know it can be, we must ensure that our community's stakeholders work together so that our children have the opportunity to learn and develop. That means our advocacy has to build and strengthen our community's collective responsibility for kids and their well-being.

Hope Pipeline: Interrupting the School to Prison Pipeline through Restorative Legal Advocacy 

We want to make sure that youth who have contact with the juvenile justice system have the support they need to get through the system and to stay out of it.

That's why we are partnering with Duval County Public School District to take a new approach to educational advocacy:  as collaborative partners looking out for the whole child, whole family, and school culture and climate as a whole.

Together, we make sure each child has supports and services at home, at school, and in the community to support learning and engagement.


We recognize our shared obligation to the children of our community. By strengthening our school district, we are living up to our duty to make our city a place where all children can grow, thrive, and become responsible citizens themselves.

Why youth centered legal representation? Why us?

We know that kids are different than adults. Their lawyers have to be too.

The laws affecting and impacting children’s lives are complex and intersecting. Representing kids is different than representing adults. Our kids deserve dedicated attorneys who specialize in the legal frameworks and developmental needs unique to children.

That’s why the Center for Children’s Rights is raising funds to provide youth-centered representation by dedicated attorneys who are experts in navigating the complex legal systems in which children find themselves. Help us make kids a part of decisions impacting their lives.